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Translation and localization services

We offer a wide range of language solutions including translation, localization, technical writing, interpretation, post-editing, layout, and much more.

Break into new markets with Lexic's translation and localization services

Our multilingual language solutions help you create valuable contents that build trust and genuine interaction with your target audience.

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ISO 17100:2015 certified translation process


Technical translation

Consistency and accuracy are fundamental in technical texts. That’s why our technical translation team is specialized in fields such as engineering, chemistry, architecture, and software.

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Some of the documents we translate:

Some of the documents we translate:

  •    Instruction manuals
  •    User manuals
  •    Technical specifications
  •    Technical sheets
  •    Blueprints
  •    Study protocols
  •    Civil work documentation
  •    Preliminary reports
  •    Catalogs
  •    Commercial documentation
  •    Websites
  •    Mobile apps

Sworn translations

Our sworn translators will translate your legal, economic, and financial documentation so that is also valid internationally.

List of supported languages

Algunos documentos jurados que traducimos:

Some of the documents we translate:

  •    Audit reports
  •    Annual reports​
  •    Income statements​
  •    Balance sheets
  •    Sales and financial contracts ​
  •    Power of attorney
  •   Employment documentation
  •    Patents
  •    Intellectual Property

Audiovisual Translation

With our audiovisual translation services, you can reach international audiences and leverage the full potential of your multimedia content.

Draft Translation

This is a less expensive alternative that can be the perfect solution for certain projects. In a draft translation the text is translated by a specialist native translator but does not undergo exhaustive checking by a second translator, as occurs with a standard translation subject to ISO 17100.


Transcreation refers to the creative translation of marketing content and its cultural adaptation to the target audience so that it produces the same effect as the original text. It is different from standard translation because the marketing aspect takes precedence over faithfulness.


We adapt your products and services so you can break language and cultural barriers in your target market.

Software localization

Take your app, platform, or game into foreign markets with our software localization solutions.

E-learning localization

E-learning is a key component of modern training and development programs. We adapt your digital training content so that your teams can learn in their native language.


We offer interpreting services in multiple languages for international events such as conferences, congresses, sales conventions, events, training courses, and business negotiations.

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)

A powerful tool for companies looking to increase the reach and engagement of their events and save costs while reducing the event carbon footprint.

Medical Writing

We offer a wide range of services that include adapting marketing documentation for local markets, writing scientific articles for specialized publications, creating content for information leaflets and webpages, preparing regulatory documentation for clinical studies, and proofreading texts related to biotechnology or medical devices.


Other services

Editing & post-editing

When you need to impress your audience with top-quality content, our editing and proofreading services can help you achieve the required level of excellence.

Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)​

If your documents are highly-formatted, our desktop publishing team is ready to adapt the layout in view of meeting specific target-language format and layout requirements.

Multilingual SEO

We help rank your multilingual content higher with our web localization and international SEO services.

Life sciences translation services

We support healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and Clinical Research Organizations with top-quality translation and localization services.

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