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Machine translation and post-editing services

Need a quick yet accurate solution for translating large volumes of text? Our machine translation services, paired with comprehensive human post-editing, leverage the latest artificial intelligence systems to expedite the translation process, while our skilled linguists meticulously review and refine the content, ensuring clarity and precision.

Machine translation and
post-editing: scope of services

Machine translation is a perfect fit for text with repetitive phrases and simple structures, as our artificial intelligence software processes each phrase individually. This makes it an excellent choice for:
While less suited for creative writing or text requiring a specific style and tone, rest assured we meticulously handle the nuances and complexities of language to accurately convey your message.

How it works

We follow a streamlined three-step process to ensure quality content with a quick turnaround:


Firstly, your content is analyzed to confirm if MT is suitable for translating it into the target languages.

Machine Translation

The content is then translated using our cutting-edge neural machine translation engine (NMT), producing fast and high-quality results.


Lastly, native professional linguists with a rich background in the subject matter proofread and edit the content using specialized translation software to enhance its readability and overall quality.

Our post-editing services

At Lexic, we offer two levels of post-editing, utilizing artificial intelligence software and CAT tools while ensuring strict data confidentiality. Choose the option that best fits your needs to receive the highest-quality results in the quickest possible time.

Minimal post-editing

Best suited for internal, reference-only documents, or urgent content. This light post-editing option lacks detailed revision, which means potential interpretation errors, a lack of stylistic finesse, and no guaranteed terminological consistency.

Complete post-editing

Ideal for large, urgent text volumes with no specific style needs. The process includes machine translation, client’s translation memories, and revision by a specialized native-speaker post-editor. The final text meets all criteria for grammar, syntax, spelling, terminology, and format consistency, rendering it fully suitable for its intended use.

Upholding international standards in machine translation post-editing

Our machine translation and post-editing services are not just about speed and efficiency; they’re rooted in quality. Certified under ISO 18587, we ensure every translated document adheres to international standards of accuracy and consistency. 

Why work with Lexic?

Manage high volumes

Handle large-scale translations effortlessly with our cost-effective and speedy solution, aligning perfectly with your business needs.

Harness big data

Turn global data into valuable business insights, processing millions of words daily with precision and accuracy.

Reduce Time-to-Market

Launch products swiftly and secure market share with our rapid, tailored language solutions.

Boost Your ROI

Maximize returns by reaching larger audiences at minimal cost, all while maintaining high translation quality.

Crafting a strategy that meets your needs

Each business has distinct translation requirements. Investing time to explore your options ensures a strategy aligned with your budget and marketing objectives. Our machine translation and post-editing services facilitate a bespoke approach to meet client needs, optimizing quality and efficiency. We employ innovative tools to pair you with the perfect translator or editor, tailored to your target language and subject matter. Rest assured, you’ll receive top-notch copy and customer service, ready for global publication.

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