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E-learning localization services

With our e-learning localization solutions, you can deliver a consistent training experience to teams across different geographies & in multiple languages.

Learning in a multilingual digital environment

In a global corporate environment, e-learning often means facilitating the access to specialized knowledge to teams in different countries, languages, and diverse cultural contexts. Here are some of the possibilities offered by a multilingual digital learning environment:

Benefits of e-learning localization


Integrated technology stack

Increases the effectiveness and value of training

Cost-efficient &

Localization & content
adaptation for life sciences

We recreate and adapt your e-learning resources so that your global production and sales force can be trained in their own language and get the most out of each course developed by your organization. We do so by combining technology and technical know-how: our translators, proofreaders, and medical writers first work on your content while our technicians adapt the whole piece in your application of choice, carrying out extensive testing to ensure a smooth user experience.

Our e-learning solutions

We’ve been helping companies turn linguistic and cultural challenges into success stories for over 15 years.


A team of technical subject-matter experts


Precision, accuracy, and style across every language

Cultural knowledge

We take into account market-specific differences and cultural nuances

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