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Audiovisual Translation Services

From corporate training videos to product demonstrations, we provide quality audiovisual translation services that resonate with viewers and deliver results.


We convert speech content in a video file into text — an essential step when you want to include subtitles in your videos but don’t have a written script.


Translating the scripts of your multimedia content is an efficient solution for enhancing accessibility and global reach.


Our linguist experts translate your narrative scripts, which are then recorded by voice artists to provide a synchronized audio track experience in the target language.

Video Editing

Whether it’s embedding subtitles, or voice-overs to inserting banners and labels to your footage, we transform your video into for a fully-localized and captivating visual experience.

We localize all types of multimedia content for companies in the life science sector

2 in 3 physicians use online video to stay abreast of the latest clinical information

Promoting research, product & services

Do you use video to showcase medical devices, pharmaceuticals, research breakthroughs, or other life science innovations? Video localization can help you share the features, benefits, and applications of your offering to target audiences across different geographies.

Better internal communication

Effective communication is key for connecting people within an organization. However, in healthcare, where individuals are not always desk-bound and constantly checking their emails, it can be tough. Localized videos help reach your global workforce and facilitate comprehension of important messages.

Supports training & professional development

Your employees require comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure they are always up-to-date with the necessary knowledge and skills. If your team speaks different languages, localized videos offer a cost-effective training solution that can be stored, easily shared, and referenced whenever required.  

Patient education & follow-up

Videos offer guidance on medical procedures, disease prevention as well as chronic condition management. Once you localize your recordings, they can be easily shared on your website, guaranteeing patient access to critical information in their own language.

How much does audiovisual translation cost?

The cost of a video translation service varies depending on a number of factors, including the length and complexity of the video, cultural references, the type of audiovisual translation service needed (dubbing, subtitling, captioning), the target languages, and the turnaround time.

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