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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services

We offer remote simultaneous interpretation services to help you run your multilingual events smoothly and in a cost-effective way.

With hundreds of multilingual events being held worldwide every week, virtual interpreting has become one of the biggest trends in the market. RSI makes it easy to organize events in multiple languages.

Our RSI technology stack

Our innovative technology allows us to offer professional interpreting services remotely without the need for interpreting booths. Interpreters can access a virtual booth on their computer from any location, whether at their own workplace or at the event itself. Thanks to our platform, people participating at your event will be able to follow every speaker in real-time in their own native language through their own mobile device or computer.

Service provision requirements

If you decide to use remote interpreting services, remember that these factors are key to the success of your multilingual event.

The benefits of
simultaneous remote interpreting

Increases the reach of your event

Boosts audience engagement rates

Offers fewer distractions for speakers

It’s cost-efficient & eco-friendly

We’ve been helping companies
turn linguistic and cultural challenges
into success stories for over 15 years.

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simultaneous remote interpreting service

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