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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies are used to improve the positioning of our website in search engine results and to improve the match between user searches and our online content offering.

With an effective SEO positioning strategy, your website will be positioned in search results that best respond to what your site actually offers. This way, whoever searches for your product or service will visit your page.

What is SEO translation?

SEO translation is a translation aimed at positioning the website content according to the SEO strategy of the company. It is of no use positioning ourselves with terms that, although correct, our customers/users do not use to carry out their searches.

In SEO translation we define keywords for each language version of the content of the website/blog and maintain an optimized wording and format to improve the positioning of the website.

Team of linguists specialized in SEO

Our translators, reviewers and copywriters are qualified native linguists with accredited experience in creative translation or transcreation, writing and specialized translation. They always translate into their mother tongue and can prove a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of SEO translation.

Team of SEO positioning specialists

Our SEO service team has over 10 years of experience in the digital world and extensive experience in SEO positioning of all types of companies and market sectors.

Step by Step

For SEO translation, we follow a process summarized in the following 5 steps:

  • Phase 1: defining the keywords of the original web page
    Keywords in the source language will be the basis for SEO translation and web positioning in the new language version
  • Phase 2: research phase of the potential user’s keywords
    Our SEO specialists search for and define the keywords that the user uses in the target language to reach the website; that is, what are the organic searches that are performed in the different regions
  • Phase 3: translation
    The team of native and professional SEO translators and copywriters translate the content by crossing their results with the search terms of the users of the target language
  • Phase 4: keyword review and verification
    At this stage our reviewers ensure that the keywords correspond to the terms the user uses in their searches
  • Quality control
    Our Project Managers carry out an exhaustive quality check to verify that the final result is optimal

In addition to all these points, there are many other elements to consider before starting an international SEO project. From Lexic we want to help you implement the best strategy to make your website an essential and effective tool that boosts the sales of your products or services in international markets. Ask our experts!

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