Audiovisual translation is essential to optimizing communication and boosting a company’s position in new markets.

Lexic offers a wide variety of audiovisual services: recordings, transcriptions, subtitling, voice-overs and dubbing of all types of material (corporate and product videos, webcasts, podcasts, symposium videos, congresses, workshops, advisory boards, stand-alone meetings, etc.).

If you have any questions, we will advise you on the type of service that best suits your needs and the sort of material you should translate.

Types of audiovisual translation


If you don’t have an original script of your audiovisual material, Lexic has a team of professionals who specialise in transcribing all sorts of audiovisual material: conferences, training sessions, speeches, symposiums, interviews, etc.

We convert and adapt any audio and video material equipment to a text file, regardless of the format in which it was created.


We translate and subtitle all types of videos and corporate presentations in any language combination. At Lexic, we use the most advanced software and tools to translate and adapt the text according to the standards for subtitling; i.e., considering text in-and-out times for their correct implementation.


If you prefer to have your material voiced instead of subtitled, we have a team of professional narrators who can provide the voice-over in a great variety of languages. You can choose the voice you like most.


This consists of voice recording by audiovisual dubbing professionals in order to insert the recording into an audiovisual material: video, DVD, corporate presentations, etc. Dubbing is essential for optimizing communication and improving your positioning in new markets.

Other services

When organizing conferences, workshops, congresses, satellite symposia, presentations of clinical studies results, press conferences, product launches, etc., the vocabulary used is highly specialized and choosing the right interpreter is crucial to the event’s success.


The term ‘localization’ is often used to refer basically to the translation of software, websites and video games. Why isn’t the word ‘translation’ used, like in other areas?


Does your company need to lay out the translated documents? Do you want a text that not only sounds fluid in the target language but is suitably visually attractive?


Our editors make sure that the texts are in keeping with the regulations in force and check for consistency and clarity of expression in the document.


We know it isn’t always easy to put ideas into words. That’s why at Lexic we turn your ideas into text with a technical writing service that encompasses a wide range of areas.