Digital training strategies for the health sector

A pharmaceutical firm’s sales force is the basic human capital that laboratories leverage to reach their sales targets. The work is as essential as it is challenging…sales representatives not only have to master complex product data but be across all updates, be able to respond to expert questions on different therapeutic matters and know how to counter objections.

Through digital learning the industry is implementing an effective and accurate way of transferring knowledge to sales forces. The advantages are clear: an internet connection is the only thing required to access training material, and content is easier to generate and much faster to update. But the benefits don’t end there. The potential that digital environments offer when it comes to interactivityanimations and gamification options enable scientific content to be rolled out with more attractive visuals while also letting students practice the knowledge acquired and implement self-assessments with real-time results and full traceability for laboratories.

If you have e-learning training courses originating from your global department, you need to consider their localization into your local language. It has been shown that if studying or learning something new is a challenge, doing so in a foreign language makes it even harder and more discouraging. So having training platforms and course or module content translated into the student’s own language makes learning more appealing and boosts satisfaction and successful course completion.

Lexic puts our e-learning localization expertise at your disposal so your sales force can train in their own language and fully tap into courses developed by your company at a global level. Our medical translators, correctors and editors will translate texts into your subsidiary’s local language, and our technical experts will pivot them to the related native application (Articulate Storyline, Rise 360, etc.), running the test phases required to ensure optimum language suitability and seamless technical operation. If modules contain video or audio clips, for example, we can localize them too by adding subtitles or voice-overs with professional native talent.

Make the move: from Power Point to E-learning!

We can also convert any training module in Power Point to an e-learning course with animations, buttons, tabs, activities, programming and syncing voice-overs (where applicable) with on-screen images, etc. This makes it possible to harness other resources such as skinning, interactivity, drag and drop activities, professional voice-overs, video animations and more. Designs can also be fully customized to your style or product branding.

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