Does your company need to lay out the translated documents? Do you want a text that not only sounds fluid in the target language but is suitably visually attractive?

Lexic Language Solutions has its own graphics department comprising graphic design and layout professionals who can format any type of documentation, from instruction manuals and promotional flyers or product monographs to PowerPoint presentations with complex graphics or html websites.

We work with the most common page layout applications, such as InDesign and Illustrator for pre-printing projects, and with editing programs like Photoshop for non-editable images that have to be translated.


If you need to take material to be printed, we will handle it for you. We will advise you on the most suitable characteristics for printing: paper weight, finish type, binding, etc., and prepare the files so they can be sent straight to the press.

If you prefer, we will find the best printing company for your publication and handle both the production and the delivery of the printed copies to their final destination.

Other services

Our editors make sure that the texts are in keeping with the regulations in force and check for consistency and clarity of expression in the document.


At Lexic we have been providing specific language services for the health-science sector for more than a decade, in areas that run the gamut from pharmaceuticals to medicine and health.


When organizing conferences, workshops, congresses, satellite symposia, presentations of clinical studies results, press conferences, product launches, etc., the vocabulary used is highly specialized and choosing the right interpreter is crucial to the event’s success.


The term ‘localization’ is often used to refer basically to the translation of software, websites and video games. Why isn’t the word ‘translation’ used, like in other areas?


We know it isn’t always easy to put ideas into words. That’s why at Lexic we turn your ideas into text with a technical writing service that encompasses a wide range of areas.