With globalisation continuing to break down barriers every day and the use of internet growing across all levels, there are very few things limiting effective communication between a company and its target public. Having to choose only one language for a website or not translating its content properly are among them. Companies must present themselves online in various languages these days if they want to offer their services and operate at a global level.

The fact is, a website can be visited by millions of people of different nationalities with different languages and customs. That’s why it’s essential for the content to be properly translated according to the features of your product or service and the needs of your users. Imagine you log on to a household appliance site for more details about a specific product only to discover that the video is in a language you don’t understand. Not very user-friendly, is it? In this case a good audiovisual translation in any of its forms (subtitling, voiceover or dubbing) could be a decisive element in the purchasing process.

More interesting facts:

52.5% of people say they only buy from websites with information in their own language.


74% of people are more likely to return to a site if the after-sales service is also in their language.


There are many reasons to conclude that in-content translation must be generated in a comprehensive fashion and, above all, by professional translators.

At Lexic, we have professional translators specialising in different areas and multiple web content formats who translate and optimise content that is attractive and accessible to more people. Standardised processing, production, management and quality-control processes are used to this end and the rules of website ranking are respected to boost visibility on search engines.